Report Out

Report Out is a free web application designed to move data from one siloed data system to another.  Report Out allows you to connect to any relational database including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, and Sybase, etc. and send that data as a CSV file to another system or person via Email, FTP, and SFTP.  All tasks in Report Out can be scheduled to run when it is most convenient to move this data from system to system.

Report Out is designed to make it easier to transfer data between information systems.  For example, in an educational environment, you could schedule data from your student information system to be sent to your learning management system or IEP management system on a nightly basis.


  • Cross Platform (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows)
  • Live query data previews
  • Easy to setup
  • Web-based, mobile friendly interface
  • Schedule-able
  • Works with nearly any relational database
  • Job confirmation emails


Report Out is offered for free, but please consider using our other products to ensure that we can continue developing free applications like Report Out.

Download Report Out – 1.1.3

Source Code for Front End
Source Code for Back End


Screen Shots