Reduce Your District’s Costs with PowerPTC

Does your school or district send out parent-teacher conference information via traditional mailings? If so, you could likely use PowerPTC for less than the cost of your mailings. With PowerPTC, you can send your Parent-Teacher conference account information via Email to your parents and Guardians, potentially saving money by reducing the number of information packets you sent. This savings is on top of the time your staff can save and the convenience your district will offer your parents. Take a look at our cost savings calculator below to see how much your district can save!

PowerPTC Cost Saving Calculator

Tell us a little about your school or district and we’ll help you calculate your return on investment when using PowerPTC.

How many conferences do you host per year?
What is your student enrollment?
How much do you pay to mail a single item home to a parent? $
What percent of guardians have an email registered with your district? %