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PowerPTC 2

PowerPTC version 2 is a large update that includes a major reimplementation of many of the components of PowerPTC. Much of the structure and the functions of PowerPTC will remain unchanged, so existing users will feel at home. The goal of this document is to familiarize you with some important changes and features you should consider and be aware of. Read more →

PowerPTC and Covid-19

There are many challenges when it comes to hosting parent-teacher conferences during Covid-19. PowerPTC can assist in making your parent-teacher conferences a success despite the unknowns that districts are facing. We’ve recently released updates to PowerPTC to help improve your conferences during these challenging times, including: Phone Conference Support – It is possible to allow Phone Conferences on a individual… Read more →

Summary of Updates for Fall 2019

We have been hard at work improving PowerPTC, continuing to make PowerPTC the most intelligent and easy-to-use Parent-Teacher Conference scheduling system available. Many of the changes below came from feature requests from our customers. While we can not implement every feature request, we are always looking for feedback from our users. The following is a summary of the improvements and… Read more →

Multi-Student Auto Scheduling

With PowerPTC, parents can now schedule multiple students at once using the Auto-Scheduler. The new Multi-Student Auto-Scheduling allows for parents and guardians to more easily setup their conference with fewer clicks. This feature can be controlled in the Configure -> Other Settings section of the PowerPTC administrative interface. Read more →

PowerPTC 1.5.0 – Update Overview

We’ve recently rolled out version 1.5.0 of PowerPTC which includes the following changes:   Role-based Administrators You can now define a role for your administrative users to limit the areas they can access within the PowerPTC management interface.   Activation Code Grouping You can now easily group multiple students into a single parent activation code.  This would result in guardians… Read more →

Co-Teacher Scheduling & Variable Length Appointments

We are proud to announce that we have released PowerPTC version 1.4.0. This update includes improved support for co-teacher scheduling, plus other minor feature improvements and bug fixes. Here is a list of improvements we’ve implemented over the past year: Variable-length appointments ( #1 Requested Feature ) Co-teacher scheduling ( #2 Requested Feature ) Performance improvements (including building the master… Read more →

We’ve made uploading your SIS data easier!

The PowerPTC Student Exporter client now has the ability to take your SIS data and directly upload it to  This feature eliminates the need to manually upload your CSV files to  Starting with version 1.4.0 or higher there is a new tab titled “Remote” where you can enter a administrative username and password.  After exporting your student… Read more →