Sleepy Time Looping Bug Fixed!

We are proud to announce that we have corrected the audio looping bug many users have experienced. With this bug, users would hear a distracting gap in the audio loop. For all users with a device running Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher, they should no longer hear the gap in the audio loop.  If you are running Android 4.1 or higher and you are still experiencing problems, please let us know.

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Sleepy Time Android Bug

Today we released an update for Sleepy Time (Version 2.0.6) which includes a dialog on the first launch of the new version stating the following:

“There is a bug in Android that causes a gap in the audio for users with newer phones. If it doesn’t impact you now, it may in the near future! Google has not responded or fixed the issue yet. Help us let Google know this is important so we can get it fixed before more users are impacted. PLEASE help us by sending a tweet to @AndroidDev and let them know this is a major problem that needs to be addressed.”

This message is related to the issue many users are having with Sleepy Time where there is a brief gap in the looping of the sounds. This is an issue with the Android operating system and we reported the bug ( to Google’s Android team on July 23rd, 2011 and have heard no response. The issue affects many newer phones with dual core processors including the Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid Razr, Motorla Xoom, and the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

We have provided example projects illustrating the bug to Google and Motorola and have gotten little helpful feedback. We have gotten hundreds, if not thousands, of emails regarding this problem and have had to issue many refunds for Sleepy Time as a result. Furthermore, we believe this bug not only hurts Sleepy Time, but the greater Android platform. Android is often criticized for its fragmentation, and this is just another example where even the bugs are present on all devices.

So we have been working together with the great development team at Lightning Bug ( to try to draw Google’s attention to this bug. So what we ask is when this message is displayed, PLEASE send the tweet to the AndroidDev account on twitter so they know how many people this bug affects. Also, is you wish to view the bug report (, you could help us by logging in with your Google account and ‘starring’ the bug by clicking on the star in the upper left-hand corner (you WILL then get email updates on the bug). This will also help draw attention to the bug.

Thanks your help and support in making the Android platform even better and your support of Sleepy Time!

Chuck Syperski
CWS Software LLC

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Use Power PTC for Free until 2012

Is your school or district’s IT budget tight this year?  We understand so we are letting any school district use Power PTC for their Parent-Teacher conferences until 2012!  You don’t even need to sign up, all you need to do is use the following license code when you install Power PTC:


That’s it!  What are you waiting for?  Download Power PTC now.

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Version 1.0.1

A new release of Power PTC has been released that includes minor bug fixes and improvements. Please update your installation as soon as possible.

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RC4 Released!

Power PTC is almost at 1.0 and ready for a release! This RC has added new features like a Spanish language translation, and added the ability for parents to print their schedule PDF after conference scheduling has been disabled as well as other minor bug fixes.

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RC 2 has been released!

We have released our second release candidate of Power PTC. This release includes a large number of bug fixes as well as many new features. All beta testers are encouraged to update as soon as possible.

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Almost There!

We have just released Power PTC RC (release candidate) 1. Thanks to all our beta testers, we are getting closer to the 1.0 release. This release fixes a few critical bugs, as well as adds a few new features. All users should update to this version as soon as possible.

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Beta 4 Released!

Power PTC Beta 4 has been released. This release contains many bugs fixes and a few feature enhancements including the ability to disable padding between appointments. All beta testers are encouraged to update to this release. We are approaching version 1.0.0 very quickly. We will probably have a RC after this release, then maybe the final release!

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Beta 2 Released!

We have release beta 2 of Power PTC, which addresses a larger number of bug reports and includes many feature enhancements. Please download the VM Ware ® image version of Power PTC and let us know what you think!

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Beta 1 Released!

We have released our first beta of Power PTC. We hope to have a production ready product by late December or early January! Thanks for everyone for helping us test out Power PTC and make it a better product!

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