Even More SSO Options for PowerPTC (eSchoolPlus)

With version 1.6.4 of PowerPTC we are testing out unified guardian login support with even most student information systems that do not support SAML.  This release adds a preview of unified guardian logins with eSchoolPlus. If you would like to try out SSO with eSchoolPlus, please see the following document: https://www.powerptc.net/powerptc/file/YbWLmYqrm8Mo60MNtTgbalKIp Unfortunately, PowerPTC uses a non-standard, unsupported method to authenticate… Read more →

Net Neutrality Matters

My name is Charles Syperski and I am the President of CWS Software.  My company provides a very inexpensive Parent-Teacher Conference scheduling system for school districts.  On December 14th 2017, the FCC will vote to end net neutrality protections.  Without net neutrality, small businesses and start-ups, like CWS Software, may not stand a chance to compete with established businesses.  As a… Read more →

PowerPTC 1.5.0 – Update Overview

We’ve recently rolled out version 1.5.0 of PowerPTC which includes the following changes:   Role-based Administrators You can now define a role for your administrative users to limit the areas they can access within the PowerPTC management interface.   Activation Code Grouping You can now easily group multiple students into a single parent activation code.  This would result in guardians… Read more →

Co-Teacher Scheduling & Variable Length Appointments

We are proud to announce that we have released PowerPTC version 1.4.0. This update includes improved support for co-teacher scheduling, plus other minor feature improvements and bug fixes. Here is a list of improvements we’ve implemented over the past year: Variable-length appointments ( #1 Requested Feature ) Co-teacher scheduling ( #2 Requested Feature ) Performance improvements (including building the master… Read more →


Setting up a send-only mail server

As a software engineer or network administrator you will likely encounter a situation where you need to setup an email server that is only intended to send email but not accept incoming mail. This is a common setup for simple web applications which need to communicate with external users.  There are two methods that I typically use in these situations,… Read more →

We’ve made uploading your SIS data easier!

The PowerPTC Student Exporter client now has the ability to take your SIS data and directly upload it to PowerPTC.net.  This feature eliminates the need to manually upload your CSV files to PowerPTC.net.  Starting with version 1.4.0 or higher there is a new tab titled “Remote” where you can enter a PowerPTC.net administrative username and password.  After exporting your student… Read more →

Nominate PowerPTC @ District Administration

We would like to invite PowerPTC users to nominate PowerPTC for the 2016 Top Products at District Administration (www.districtadministration.com).  We try to make the best products possible at an affordable price, so if you are happy with PowerPTC, we ask you to take a couple of minutes to fill out the nomination form by September 6th, 2016.  We really appreciate your support… Read more →